Comedy Night


The “Diamonds in the Rough,” Makayla Pacheco, Shaun Worth, and Kinsey Hinchliffe, reveal their shocking plot twist during their scene at Sierra Vista’s Comedy Night on January 12, 2023.

Arissa Garcia, staff reporter

From giggles to guffaws, chuckles to cackles, on January 12, 2023, Sierra Vista High School’s theater department hosted a Comedy Night that filled the theater with laughter. Previously known as Skitzapalooza, this production featured a wide variety of acts including one-act skits, improv, stand-up comedy, and a chance to showcase the students’ talents on stage.

Sierra Vista High School theater teacher, Rebekah Whittenberger, produced and directed the show. Whittenberger states, “What I enjoyed about Comedy Night was developing and seeing the opportunity for some of my students in Theater I, II, III, and IV to perform scenes that we prepared. For many of them, it was their first performance. I thought it was a great exercise for them to get in front of an audience and get used to the feeling of performing in front of people and just gaining that experience because the more you practice performing in front of people the more comfortable you become the more you can develop the artistic ability to create a character and work on your art and craft.”

Comedy Night gave students the opportunity to show off their acting skills and shine on stage. The show started with senior Archer Beck performing a stand-up comedy routine filled with witty jokes. Following Beck’s performance, the production featured various skits and scenes including skits set in various scenes, such as a vet booked with eccentric patients, a campsite with campers who have ulterior motives, a comical advertisement, and a supermarket express line. The spectacle closed with improv games and acts presented by the Improv Club.

Sierra Vista’s cast and crew put many rehearsal hours into producing this show. Archer Beck (12) shared, “I enjoyed entertaining an audience, as every other performer did. That’s why we put ourselves out there. If you’re interested in performing, comedy, or anything theater then I’d say give it a shot.” Junior Dewain Devon Dukes, who portrayed a police officer in the show, shared, “I worked with many talented people in Comedy Night and made a bunch of people laugh and that’s what I really like to do with people. Kick laughs and not worry about things. Laughter brings me a sort of ecstasy that I can’t really describe. That’s the true meaning of Comedy Night.”

After the success of Comedy Night, Sierra Vista High School’s student body looks forward to attending the theatre department’s upcoming production of Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella from March 29 to April 1.