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Aston Sipple Banks enjoys the free food he eats while working at Burger King.

Cashing Out of the School Year: Minimum Wage Increase

Lyric LaFasto, Features Co-Editor May 14, 2024

On July 1, 2024, Nevada is set to raise its minimum wage from $11.25 to $12.00 per hour, directly impacting several Sierra Vista high schoolers who work minimum wage jobs.. This year's upcoming increase...

Mr Griffin enjoys teaching Mythology and Folklore I and looks forward to expanding to sections II and III next year

Exploring Mythology and Folklore

Taylor Fesser, Student Life Co Editor May 14, 2024

Myth and Folklore, an elective course stands out from the variety of choices that entice students to explore a realm of wonder and imagination. This class teaches more than ancient stories and legends...

Alaina Smalling (10), Penelope Marquez (10) and Christina Fakoya (10) in book club discussing their summer reads.

Summer Reads 

Penelope Marquez, Student Life Co Editor May 14, 2024

As summer quickly approaches, students are encouraged to start reading during their summer break. Reading introduces a perfect opportunity to prevent the yearly "brain drain" that often happens due to...

Summer Fun

Alaina Smalling, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

With summer approaching, it is not uncommon for students to dread the boredom which may be headed their way. Without set plans, summer break potentially could seem like a three month nap. The simple solution...

SV Beats Bids Farewell to Seniors

Alex Rodriguez, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

Over the past four years, Sierra Vista High School (SVHS) students significantly contributed to the growth of the SV Beats program. The current seniors of SV Beats began their last month of high school....

Vista Customs sharing their ideas to the Regional Superintendent, school administration, and the accreditation board.


Ava Anderson, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

Automation educates students about automated systems in manufacturing, communications and control systems including, but not limited to: how to connect wires, motors, and sensors. In automation, students...

Derek Iraheta (11) works diligently, looking through the footage of the anchors for any mistakes before uploading it into the video production Google drive.

Video Production Behind the Scenes

Amaya Acosta, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

Every day, teachers at Sierra Vista High School play the school announcements for the entire student body to watch in order to put out information on sports, clubs, and upcoming events. The students in...

ASL club members working a friendship bracelet booth at Sierra Vista´s Fright Night. Archer Hernandez, Alexandra Chisholm, Marissa Gonzalez, Donovan Brown, and Tessa Gonzalez

ASL Club

Ava Anderson, Staff Reporter April 22, 2024

The Sierra Vista American Sign Language club was first established in 2016. Using ASL one can communicate with deaf people. This club provides a space for the deaf community and others interested in learning...

Springing Into Spirit

Springing Into Spirit

Alaina Smalling, Staff Reporter April 22, 2024

Sierra Vista High School jumps into Spring Week from March 18th to the 22nd. Vista includes five storybook dress up days, followed by an assembly after school Friday, in addition to the annual Spring Fest. Monday,...

Haben Woldabyezgi shows off his acceptance letter to Livingstone College.

Breaking the Norm: Seniors of Sierra Vista High School

Taylor Fesser, Student Life Co Editor April 22, 2024

Traditionally, when it comes to pursuing higher education, students in Nevada look towards local institutions such as the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), College of Southern Nevada (CSN), Nevada...

Sierra Vista Highschool’s Cantus Choir, Advanced Festival 2024.

Choir Soars at Festival

Alex Rodriguez, Staff Reporter April 22, 2024

Every year Sierra Vista High School (SVHS) and other high schools around Las Vegas gather for an advanced festival to perform pieces of music. This year's festival will be performed at Las Vegas Academy...

Sierra Vista foyer fully decorated around Willy Wonkas chocolate bars for their spring assembly.

Leo’s Chocolate Factory

Penelope Marquez, Student Life Co Editor April 22, 2024

On Friday, March 22, 2024, Sierra Vista’s student council hosted the annual Spring Assembly. Students stepped into the gym, now fully decorated as a chocolate wonderland. Willy Wonka-inspired decorations...

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