The 2022 World Cup  

Gabriella Frey, staff reporter

On November 20, 2022, The World Cup began in Qatar and served as the major global  sports event of the year. The World Cup began with a kick between Qatar and Ecuador and  ended Sunday, December 18, 2022 with an intense match between France and Argentina. Thirty  two teams from across the globe participated all fighting for the win of a lifetime. With future  matches at stake, games became extremely intense. Additionally, games became extremely  emotional for those watching both at the stadium and at home as most people feel obligated to  represent their country and give them the support they deserve. As a result of these intense  emotions, fans became intense off the field as well. Initially, many questions the suitability of  Qatar as an inappropriate host of this year’s world cup. Many speculations revolved around the  country’s political stance concerning homosexuality as a crime and laws discriminating against  women. Aside from political aspects, The World Cup offers an occasion for different parts of the  world to come together to support their countries. One quintessential display of togetherness took  place in the final match of The World Cup between Argentina and France. Not only did fans  from all over France and Argentina watch the game but also spectators from all over the world  showed up to the stadium or logged in on their TV’s and mobile devices hoping to catch the final  match of The World Cup. Soccer fans everywhere celebrated the win of Argentina in addition to  the participation of their countries making the 2022 World Cup a global success.