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Legally Blonde

Taylor Fesser
Cast X and O (joined by Technical Theatre students) celebrate a successful production.


On February 22, 2024, the cast X of Legally Blonde took the stage for the opening night of the Spring Musical. This story captivated audiences and highlighted the talent of the theater department. To allow for more participation from students, Ms.Whittenberger features two casts, cast X and cast O. Following cast X’s show, Cast O took the stage on February 23. Lastly, Cast X and Cast O both performed for closing on February 24.

Legally Blonde, the musical, an entertaining and upbeat show based on a popular movie featuring Reese Witherspoon. The musical follows the story of Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority girl who decides to attend Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend, Warner. Along the way, Elle discovers her true potential and proves she can be both smart and stylish. Realizing that she does not need a man to make dreams a reality. 

Filled with excitement, Act 1 sets the stage for an incredible story. The story starts with Elle Woods who is determined to get into Harvard Law School. Elle faces challenges and doubts from her peers, but she does not let that stop her. She meets new friends, including Emmett, her love interest, and who believes in her potential. Elle’s journey takes her to Harvard, where she encounters a competitive and judgmental environment; however, Elle proves herself by “acing” her studies and landing an internship with Professor Callahan, a character notorious for being strict and harsh with his students. Elle earns the opportunity to work on a major crime case with the professor and the other law students like Warner and Vivienne, proving to herself and others that she can accomplish difficult tasks.

Arissa Garcia (10) who played Paulette, a warm-hearted, friendly, and slightly eccentric salon owner who becomes Elle’s friend shares, “Legally Blonde was such an impactful experience. I love the friendships and memories I made along the way. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be silly and bubbly as Paulette on stage. My favorite scene that I played was the Bend and Snap. I feel like this number was exciting, not only just for us on stage but for the audience as well. Last year I was a theater tech for Cinderella, so putting myself out on the stage was a big step for me but the payoffs were worth it.”

After proving herself in Act 1, Elle continues to navigate the challenges of Harvard Law School in Act 2. Elle faces tough competition from her classmates, including Vivienne, a preppy brunette who is Warner’s girlfriend, and who initially doubted her abilities. As the story unfolds, Elle takes on a high-profile murder case and uses her unique perspective and determination to “crack” the case wide open. On her journey in self-discovery, she discovers her true passion for law and realizes that she does not need a man to define her worth. The last scene consisted of Elle winning her first case, and graduating from Harvard Law School. 

Some memorable, audience-favorite scenes include Elle Woods arriving at Harvard Law School, and is met with skepticism and judgment from her classmates, but she does not let that discourage her, instead, Elle shows off her determination and resilience. Another standout scene is the “Bend and Snap” sequence, where Elle and her friends teach the iconic move to win over Paullete’s love interest, Kyle the UPS guy. An exciting and energetic number that got the audience dancing along. To make the musical come to life live dogs played a role in the show.

Syndey Gifford (11) shares, “I had lots of fun and thought it was funny and cute and I really enjoyed it. My favorite scene was the bend and snap.”

Jia Suarez (10) expresses,”It was really exciting watching the musical. There were many comedic scenes and I enjoyed those scenes a lot. I felt like I was smiling the whole time. My favorite scene in the musical was the hair salon scenes. I loved when Paulette did the bend and snap, and when they started Irish dancing.” 

Aralyn Saria (12) who played Elle Woods in cast O says, “Before, I really had no idea what Legally Blonde was, but after being involved in it, it is now one of my favorite musicals. Even though it was a struggle getting lines memorized, I had so much fun portraying Elle Woods, and working with all the fun cast members. Grateful I was given this opportunity.”

Hannah Reed (10) who played Elle Woods in Cast X shares, “To come full circle has been a dream come true and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to play a main role as a sophomore. Playing Elle Woods has been the best experience of my life. Every single day, rehearsal is what I looked forward to and I am so beyond grateful for the memories and relationships that I built and strengthened along the way. This role has taught me so much and I am so sad that the production is over but so happy and proud of all of the cast and crew for our accomplishments.”

Kennedy Lunt (10) who played one of the Delta Nu Sorority girls expresses, “My personal favorite scene I did was a scene called “whipped into shape” with our amazing lead of that scene choreographing the scene to better fit her character and incorporate jump ropes into a fun routine that not only told the perfect story but also was an audience favorite.”

Overall, the entire cast sang and danced beautifully, the special effects, the sets, the dogs, and the sounds pleased the audience, and could not have been done without a dedicated technical crew.

The last scene of Legally Blonde featuring Elle Woods played by Hannah Reed giving a speech at her graduation on February 22, 2024. (Taylor Fesser)
The cast of Legally Blonde taking the final bow at the end of the Musical on February 22, 2024. (Taylor Fesser)
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