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Cashing Out of the School Year: Minimum Wage Increase

Aston Sipple Banks enjoys the “free food” he eats while working at Burger King.

On July 1, 2024, Nevada is set to raise its minimum wage from $11.25 to $12.00 per hour, directly impacting several Sierra Vista high schoolers who work minimum wage jobs.. This year’s upcoming increase will mark the last pay bump outlined in Assembly Bill 456 passed in 2019. The bill mandated incremental increases of 75 cents to the minimum wage spread out over five years.

Across Sierra Vista High School’s student body, many employed students earn minimum wage, and those making over $11.25 an hour may receive a small pay increase as well. Whether it is saving up for that dream car, helping out at home, or just looking to splurge a bit, every dollar counts. Aiden Ibarra, (10), expresses how he feels about the increase, “I’m glad that the minimum wage is raising to $12.00 because I get more money, obviously, but I also get to put more money towards my truck even though it’s only a 75 cent difference.” 

Mia Marimbega, (10), explains why she is looking forward to earning more money, “Even though it’s only going up 75 cents, I’m excited to have more money for myself. Now that I have a job and a car, I have gas to worry about along with insurance, and that takes my entire paycheck. Getting paid minimum wage is not enough to make a living and still have money just to spend on myself. Hopefully, with this pay increase, I’ll have more money to spend on things for myself.” 

Shane Bohanon (12) believes the minimum wage increase has both negative and positive effects. “I feel like the minimum wage increase would be a good and bad thing in a way, yes you would get paid more but it would be harder for people to get jobs because the companies need to pay the employees more. So, they may lay people off or increase the prices of the material or food.”

The minimum wage increase on July 1, 2024, can greatly help employed students trying to get their finances in order.

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Lyric LaFasto, Features Co-Editor
Lyric LaFasto is a sophomore at Sierra Vista High School, and a second year Journalist. Lyric was born and raised in Las Vegas and enjoys traveling, wildlife, and art. Lyric loves to write, but she specializes in writing features.

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