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Exploring Mythology and Folklore

The Enchanted of Elective
Mr Griffin enjoys teaching Mythology and Folklore I and looks forward to expanding to sections II and III next year

Myth and Folklore, an elective course stands out from the variety of choices that entice students to explore a realm of wonder and imagination. This class teaches more than ancient stories and legends but explores the depths of man’s culture, psychology, and imagination.

Myth and Folklore, a lens that enables students to examine the human experience across time and space. Myths, narratives societies use to make sense of the world, explain natural phenomena, teach moral lessons, and explore the mysteries of existence. Folklore, on the other hand, encompasses the customs, traditions, and beliefs passed down through generations, reflecting the collective consciousness of a community.

Myth and Folklore I teacher, Mr. Fox, explains, “This elective offers a fun engaging class that covers the amazing stories you have seen in books and shows that you do not know are from mythology but they are. It offers a fun way to do assignments instead of doing essays we do fun projects. It is a class for people who love stories, drama, sometimes scandalous stories, and fun assignments. My favorite topic is Norse mythology because of what it teaches, and relates to modern pop culture. My specific favorite story is when Thor’s hammer is formed.” 

 Myth and Folklore II, Ms. Routsong, shares, “This elective you will get to explore mythology from many many different cultures from around the world and get to see how they are similar, and how they relate to your lives. You get to conclude the world and why we do the things we do. In Myth II we talk specifically about comic books and that is something that is so big in modern culture and is intertwined with what you have been taking in for your life. Myth I is more Western mythology: Greek, Roman, and Norse, and in Myth II you are getting into Eastern mythology: Japanese, Chinese, a little bit of Korean mythology, and Egyptian.”

Joshua Fesser (10), exclaims, “I enjoy taking this class. I got to learn quite a bit about different cultures and their stories. My favorite personally is Greek mythology, I love all the different Gods and how they are all connected, and all the drama in it.”

Sidney Ricks (9) shares, “Mythology has become my favorite subject because of this class. I never thought I would enjoy a class as much as I enjoy this one. It is a refreshing change from all the other academic courses.” 

Mackenzie Dean (11) explains, “I never knew that Myth and Folklore could be so fascinating until I took this class. The stories we learn in this class are not only entertaining but also provide insights into different cultures and human psychology. This class has helped me appreciate the importance of storytelling in our lives”

The elective Myth and Folklore offers students a glimpse into various cultures’ values, beliefs, and practices. If students are interested in this elective email Mr. Fox for any further information, or email your counselor to register. 

Editorial Update: As of May 6th, Ms. Routsong will not teach Myth and Folklore I and II for the 2024-2025 school year as she has accepted a teaching position in Utah. Mr. Fox will now teach both courses.

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Taylor Fesser, Student Life Co-Editor
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