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Filipino Club : Celebrating Culture and Community

SVHS Yearbook
Mabuhay! ( Live / Good Wishes ) : Sierra Vista High School Filipino Club, where unity and culture meet.

Within the halls of Sierra Vista High School, a dynamic and culturally rich community thrives– Sierra Vista High School Filipino Club. This club serves as a beacon to Filipino culture, heritage, and unity among students of various backgrounds. With its colorful arrays of activities and events, the club offers a cherished space for students to connect, learn, and celebrate the beauty of Filipino culture.

Mrs. Marinel Schieff and Ms. Hanna Ferguson advises the Filipino Club. Mrs. Schieff shares “As an advisor, I can help create a supportive environment where members can connect, socialize, and build friendships. The Filipino Club contributes to promoting diversity and inclusion in our school and community. It also provides opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to come together, celebrate their heritage, and educate others about their culture. The students can learn more of the language, taste test delicacies, play entertaining games, volunteer at Filipino events, and be exposed to additional Filipino culture. All are welcome and hope that more students are able to join the fun!” Ms. Ferguson adds “It is important to have a club that welcomes diversity and culture because we are a diverse school and it allows us to foster respect and open-mindedness on our school’s campus. Filipino Club promotes Filipino culture and heritage by creating opportunities for students to learn and participate in various aspects of Filipino culture. Whether it is learning Tagalog phrases, playing trivia games, or singing karaoke, Filipino Club is always promoting Filipino culture and heritage in a fun and creative way.”

Continuing the cultural tradition of hospitality, the Filipino Club is led by a group of dedicated student-board members that are happy to welcome any student interested in the club. Club president, Mackayla Arce, delegates with pride and passion. Arce shares “Last year I was nominated and elected by my peers for my extreme interest and dedication to the club. I wanted to join this club to share Filipino culture and heritage with other students in my school. It was really important for me to have a Filipino club at Vista because while growing up in a predominantly white community, I did not have the opportunity to be open about my culture like I do now. Obviously both at Sierra Vista, and Las Vegas as a whole, there is a large Filipino community, so it made a lot of sense to create a club for us. Though the club is targeted towards other Filipino Americans, we also welcome people that aren’t Filipino. I believe that a big part of becoming proud of your culture and heritage is sharing it with others, so we highly emphasize that our members should invite their friends, even if they aren’t Filipino.”

Founded on the principles of inclusivity and cultural appreciation, the Filipino Club stands out as a tribute to the diversity of Sierra Vista’s student body. Led by a dedicated group of advisors and student officers, the club organizes a myriad of activities throughout the year, such as karaoke, lessons on Tagalog, or selling boba in the quad.

Moreover, the club serves as a support system for Filipino students navigating the complexities of the teenage years while bridging cultural divides within the school. By providing a safe space for cultural expression and dialogue, the Filipino Club fosters a sense of belonging and pride among its members, promoting mutual understanding and respect.

In a world where cultural understanding continues to grow to be more important than ever, the Sierra Vista High School Filipino Club stands as a space for unity for students of different backgrounds to find community in. As the third quarter comes to an end, Filipino Club’s upcoming 2024-25 elections are coming up towards the 4th quarter for any interested students open to run in.

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Arissa Garcia, Features Co-Editor
Arissa Garcia is a driven sophomore attending Sierra Vista High School. She has been a part of Journalism for two consecutive years and actively participates in other various extracurricular activities, such as volleyball, Key Club, Filipino Club, Theatre, and more. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Arissa has grown to love writing feature stories and passionately involves herself with the school.

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