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Blue Crew Shows Off Their Vista Pride


The crowd roars as Sierra Vista High School’s boys football team makes a touchdown. The band begins to play the Vista’s fight song, and Blue Crew chants along with the joyful live music. At every varsity football game, Sierra Vista’s “Blue Crew” is cheering in the stands to support with lively chants uplifting and encouraging cheers. 

Blue Crew is a ‘hype squad’ that serves to support Sierra Vista’s sports teams. The majority of Blue Crew consists of Sierra Vista’s full Student Council, but anyone enrolled at Sierra Vista is welcome to join. Every football game has a different dress-up theme to get the student body hyped for the game. So far this year, the dress-up themes have included: beach, neon, punk vs rock, and pink out.

Jennifer Morris (12), Student Body Second Vice President from the senior class, “It’s important to dress up to show school spirit and be a part of a giant collective group to show support.” Morris can be found in the stands alongside the Head Chairs of Spirit Squad intensely watching the game in order to determine what cheers the football players should hear to succeed, whether that be upping defense when the other team has the ball, or celebrating when our team makes a good play. Morris continues, “These are the people we’ve been around with for a long time. They play to support our school, and so we support them. Support is a big thing to us. Support may not always come from a family for players, so support can come from Blue Crew and all their friends and fellow peers here at Vista.”

Blue Crew is not an easy job by any means. Students are usually required to be at the football game before, during, and after for around five hours to practice cheers, attend the game, and clean up stands after. Elijah Zuriel Jacala Jurolan (11), a Student Council Representative from the junior class, explains, “In all honesty, we’re all pretty tired at the end of the night, so making jokes and trying to keep an upbeat attitude helps to maintain energy throughout the game. Regardless of how tiring the games can be, they’re still fun! I truly enjoy being surrounded by my peers who share the same passion for school spirit.”

Nicholas Tsai (12), a student council representative from the senior class, can attest to the same idea that everyone’s energy is a result of the culture Blue Crew creates. Tsai adds, “Being in the environment with friends makes us have energy rather than stopping. If me and the guys are going I’ll get going.” Tsai and his friends in Blue Crew can be spotted participating in elaborate schemes during the game in order to hype up the crowd. 

No matter how tough the game gets, Blue Crew is devoted to sticking with the team through thick and thin. Haben Woldabyezgi (12), Co-Chair of Spirit for Blue Crew and student council from the senior class, expresses, “They go out of their way to put on a show, so we’re there for them win or lose.”

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Mackyla Arce, Assistant Editor
Mackyla Arce, a senior at Sierra Vista High School, is entering her second year of journalism. Mackyla is widely involved in school and is president of Environmental, Garden, and Filipino club and vice president of ASL club. Mackyla was born in Toronto, Canada, but raised in Buffalo, New York. Outside of school, Mackyla enjoys attending K-Pop concerts, traveling, and playing guitar.

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