A Night of Scenes


Take a Bow: A group photo of all the Theater students involved in making The Night of Scenes come to life.

Cole Crawford, staff reporter

Sierra Vista High School held a night of performances on May 4th, 2023 that showcased the talents of their theater program including a variety of skits and scenes. Among the standout performances of the night was Cell Block Tango (High School edition), which the audience voted as the best scene of the night.

The night’s performances were a collaborative effort between Imaginative Writing students and the theater program. Imaginative Writing teacher Ms. Imbriani explains, “The skits were inspired by the students’ experiences as well as various topics.” One of her favorite skits was the lifeguard sketch, which featured two lifeguards who were also a couple, trying to perform CPR on a swimmer while also hashing out their relationship problems.

The beginning of the Life Guard skit where the girl is about to tell the boy she is breaking up with him.

Theater student, Archer Beck, shared his favorite skit of the night, saying, “My favorite skit was probably the wild west skit because there were a lot of talented people involved in it.” Student, Mackyla Arce, had a personal connection to one of the skits, saying, “My favorite skit of the night was Baking My Heart because Keana and I were really excited to see our skit come to life and it didn’t disappoint.” Keana Ancheta also shared her favorite skit of the night, the Wild West Freak Show, adding, “I liked how they broke the fourth wall by calling cast from the audience and how Mrs. Whittenberger had to come up on stage.”

Theater student, Jaylyn Symonds playing Bison Bing Bonnie, and Josh Horvath plating Clint Westwood in begging of Wild West Freak Show.
Theater student, Josh Horvath laying on the ground playing Clint West Wood, and Theater student, Keyawn Mitchell plays Harold in Wild West Freak Show.

Sierra Vista High School’s A Night of Scenes proved to show the incredible talent of the school’s theater program and the writing skills of the Imaginative Writing students. By working collaboratively, they created an unforgettable event that showcased a variety of skits and scenes, leaving the audience impressed and entertained. From Cell Block Tango (High School edition) to the Wild West Freak Show, the performances were a testament to the creativity and hard work of everyone involved.