Soccer Legend Pele Passes Away at 82

Maetzin Morales, staff reporter

On Dec. 29, 2022 Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as ¨Pelé¨, passed away due to  his colon cancer progressing causing multiple organ failures. Pelé was a professional Brazilian  football player, his career started at age 15 when he started playing for Santos and at age 16 the  national Brazilian team. Peleś’s interest for football came from his dad, who in his time was a  player but had to stop due to suffering a meniscal injury to his knee. As a child, Pelé used to play  football barefoot with socks and rags rolled up into a ball. Pelé became known as ¨The King¨ in  the football world due to all of his accomplishments; he was a three-time world cup winner. Pelé  was a prolific goal scorer, scoring 1,281 goals in over 1,363 games. Pelés first World cup was in  1958 scoring six goals and scoring four in his last world cup in 1970. He retired October 1st  1977 at age 36 after signing a three-year contract with the Cosmos for $7 million. Pelé was  admitted to the hospital Israelita Albert Einstein on Nov 29, 2022 through Dec 29, 2022. Pelé  was hospitalized due to chemotherapy not working anymore and having a respiratory infection.  Pelé passed away at the age of 82 with his family by his side and millions of people honoring  him.