Top 5 Celebrity Activists of 2022  

Hannah Reed, staff reporter

Throughout 2022, mainstream celebrities, Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina  Jolie, Lizzo, and Emma Watson, each impacted mainstream society, not just through their  singing or acting, but through their activism. The Watermelon Sugar star, Harry Styles, did much  more than sing about fruit. During Styles’ Love On Tour, Styles waved fan pride flags around the  stage and took the time to help fans “come out” and embrace their true selves. One climate  activist was household actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition to his documentaries and  continuous work for his non-profit (The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation), in January, DiCaprio  appeared in the film Don’t Look Up, where he used the movie and its publicity to shed light on  climate change and environmental conservation. Actress Angelina Jolie showed activism as a  humanitarian and member of the U.N. Refugee Agency. On February 9, Jolie spoke at Capitol  Hill in support of renewing the Violence Against Women Act and fixing the justice system for  domestic and child abuse. Jolie even highlighted the difference in bruising color for women of  color in comparison to white women, which has often delayed or prohibited justice. The Juice star, Lizzo, was a major activist for body positivity. On March 25, Lizzo, a “bigger woman,”  launched a dance competition specifically for “bigger women,” because, often, the dance  industry does not accept them. Lizzo utilized her celebrity platform and gave “bigger women”  the chance to dance. Finally, Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermoine Granger in the  Harry Potter series, continuously proved that she is much more than an actress. In August,  Watson, the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, promoted brands like Prada and campaigns like  “HeforShe” in order to spread gender equality messages. From speaking at conferences to  posting on Instagram, Watson paved the way for a future of gender equality.