Thursday Night Lights

“The Bell” Returns to Vista


Victoria Hines, Sports Editor

 On Thursday, September 15th the Bell Game occurred between Sierra Vista and their rival Desert Oasis.  Vista won The Bell back with a  commanding score of 26 to 7.  Throughout Thursday’s game, the team made some fantastic plays including four touchdowns.   The three players that made these touchdowns are number three Omari Evans(11), number 12 Aisiah Paogofie(10), and number 21 Cameron Russ(10).  Evans made two out of the four touchdowns making him the player with the highest rushing yards in the game with 130 yards. Quarterback number four Tarrance Masnica(11) threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns.  Masnica also threw for 18 receptions and two interceptions.

The team dominated and took back The Bell which now resides in the cafeteria.  Winning back The Bell is a symbol of victory over the long-standing rivalry between Vista and D.O.  The Bell Game allows the students at each respective school to support their team and bring excitement to the football fields for this annual game.  

The tradition of The Bell started in Orange County, California during the 1975 football season. The schools that started this tradition are Edison High School and Fountain Valley High School.  The Bell Game helped fuel their rivalry and kept the students excited for the game every year. The Bell helped motivate the athletes to try their hardest and win the trophy to represent their excellence. This tradition also motivated the students to come out and support their teams and fellow students.  

At Vista, The Bell Game began in the 2009 season with D.O winning the game 31-0.  Out of the 13 years of this tradition, Vista has won” The Bell” back five times.  They won it back in the years 2014,2016,2017,2018 and 2022.  May it remain.